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Nuad Thai Massage may prepare for you personalized treatments, tailored to your needs and performed in a sophisticated and serene environment with candles and soft, relaxing music, combined with  sweet aromas of essential oils and perfumes.

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Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic art that applies the transmission of vital energy to the body either by gentle contact, touch and / or from a short distance from the body but also by remote energy transfer. Reiki in Japanese means "universal vital energy", an energy that is in abundance in the universe, nature, and which offers vitality to the person who receives it. Healing through touch or through the transmission of sensible refreshing energy has existed in all cultures, throughout known history and in all lengths and breadths of the earth. In fact, the touch to relieve pain is an innate human instinct.

Reiki was discovered for modern man by Mikao Usui in 1922 in Kyoto, Japan, when he himself, after a 21-day period of fasting, prayer and meditation on the sacred Kurama Mountain outside Kyoto, discovered his innate capacity for self-healing, connection with the universal vital energy and the ease of its transmission to others. Usui introduced thousands of people to the Reiki technique which, as he taught, could cure all psychological and physical ailments and lead to happiness. Usui was succeeded by Chuziro Hayashi, who opened a famous clinic in Tokyo, and then Hawaii Takata, who was the first teacher to bring Reiki to the west via Hawaii, where he lived and taught until 1980. Today there are hundreds of thousands of teachers. Reiki around the world and countless people receive its multiple benefits daily.

Reiki is taught in three levels of education: First Degree, Second Degree and Third Degree. In the First Degree of Reiki the person receives the connection with the cosmic energy, an energy coordination (empowerment) that opens the channels of energy in the body and awakens the ability for self-healing through the touch of the hands. In the Second Degree this ability increases, while in the Third Degree (master or teacher degree) the individual is trained to transmit this teaching and techniques to other individuals. Reiki is affordable, easy and easy to use. Everyone can be educated in it, even children. Today Reiki is taught in all countries of the world, as the element of self-healing makes it extremely popular. Reiki is offered in major hospitals and clinics in both America and Europe and a growing number of physicians and psychologists are adding it to their practice. Modern medical and scientific research reinforces what thousands of people are experiencing, namely that Reiki improves t A Reiki session is extremely relaxing and refreshing. It lasts about an hour and is done either up close or remotely. Nowadays, when meeting and contact between people is limited, Reiki can help as much as ever each person to accept its multiple benefits and help on the emotional, mental and spiritual level.

During a remote Reiki therapy session, you will be asked to sit or, even better, lie down in a quiet place, without noise and other hassles, wearing comfortable, loose clothing, removing any metal objects, jewelry, watches, cell phones. from the place and politely ask the people who accompany you and live with them to allow you 45-60 minutes to relax without bothering you. The session can take place at any time of the day you wish.he overall well-being and condition of the individual.

The space you will use must first be ventilated for 5-10 minutes. If you wish, you could light a candle, as well as put on soft orchestral music that will help you relax more deeply and eliminate any ambient noise that may disturb you during the session. Many also prefer to use headphones in order to block out ambient sounds and concentrate more easily. Also, as your body temperature may change during the session, it is recommended to cover yourself with a blanket to stay warm and protected from temperature changes. Before the session starts, there will be a communication via mobile phone with the Skype, Messenger or Viber application, in order to get to know and feel familiar with each other, a fact that will help in the remote session. During the session, you may feel intense heat all over your body or in individual places that looks like a heat wave or like magnetism, electricity, tingling or even feel strong feelings of calm, joy and love. But you may not feel anything, and just relax. Each person accepts and experiences separate bodily phenomena and emotions. You may also fall into light sleep, which is perfectly normal, and a natural consequence of the relaxation you will feel in the emotional, mental and psychological carrier of your physical body.

At the end of the session and following your own times and rhythms, we will contact you again, first by text message and then, if you wish, by phone to discuss the effects and feelings you experienced and get further information that will relate to your individual incident and session. In general, after completing a session and within 24 hours you will feel calm, relaxed, protected and full that will help your body to perform a gentle detoxification, a psychosomatic cleansing and an increased energy harmony that cleanses the mind from negative thoughts. and emotions and will strengthen all the functions and defenses of the body and its organs.

Reiki is a deeply holistic treatment that responds to the whole of man: body, energy, emotion, mind, spirit. With Reiki, energy flows alone into the body, going where it needs to go, soothing, and often eliminating pain. It is a selfless offer, support and love for man. Reiki sessions can in no way promise a cure or solution to a problem other than total relaxation. For any health problem the person should always consult the appropriate specialist.  Those who practice Reiki never interfere with medical advice or medication and in no case make diagnoses. The Reiki session is gentle and safe and can be combined with any alternative and / or conventional method and treatment. No side effects. It cultivates harmonious personal and spiritual development, positivity, acceptance and love. Reiki helps the person to discover the power he has within himself for self-healing. It works on all levels: the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. Promotes physical strength and well-being, as well as emotional and mental purity and clarity. Reiki opens and cleanses the energy channels and energy centers (chakras) and charges them with pure vital energy. Reiki helps us to live more consciously in everyday life and to experience positivity, joy and love every day. Especially in the period of forced confinement due to Covid-19, it can contribute positively and effectively to our psychosynthesis, clear our mind and rational thinking and keep us calm and focused. It helps to release our emotions, to gain balance and to increase our self-confidence. It helps us clear ourselves of selfishness, anger, guilt and phobias. It opens our intuition, elevates consciousness and brings us in contact with our inner voice. Reiki ground us, unite us with the energy of the earth and strengthen our confidence in ourselves, people, life and the laws of the universe. Reiki is very pleasant, rests and relaxes deeply and completely refreshes us. It helps to get rid of stress and anxiety and take responsibility for our health.

DISCLAIMER: The term "Therapy" that we attribute to Reiki, is used in the broadest, most general and most esoteric sense. In no case does it replace conventional medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. For any problem, consult the appropriate specialist. People who practice energy techniques do not diagnose or treat in the classical sense of the word, do not recommend drugs or other substances, and do not intervene in the medical, psychological or pharmaceutical field. They do not promise healing but contribute to total relaxation and serenity, a condition that consistently leads the person to deeper inner harmony, purity and strength. These in turn are the conditions for supporting any kind of problem.

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