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4 Elements Rejuvenating Massage 100'

(includes Thai Oil Massage, Balinese Massage, Aromatherapy & Swedish Massage)

  • 1 h 40 min
  • 120 ευρώ
  • Kornarou 5 Athens, Greece

Service Description

In the Thai culture this massage is practiced with a therapeutic aim. It comes from ancient origins linked with the philosophy of the 4 elements creating the universe: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire. Ailments and discomforts in the Thai culture are caused when these elements in the body are not balanced. The different massage techniques combined with the essential oils each linked to its own element, and each possessing different properties, aim to harmonise the elements bringing them back into their natural psycho-physical balance. The EARTH element helps us to take root and feel connected with our body. When you live inside your mind and become overwhelmed by your thoughts, the slow Swedish massage for the first 25 minutes will work to make you perceive the boarders of your body. Whilst making the mind free and restoring the natural harmony of body and mind. The WATER element is linked to emotional life. Negative emotion produces tightness in the body. The Balinese Massage for 25 minutes using a prolonged technique therapy helps to melt the bodies emotional blocks. Restoring the correct natural flow and granting serenity. The FIRE element represents human heat, joy and energy. Particularly stressing moments reduce our vitality and our sociability. The Thai Oil Massage for 25 minutes with its uplifting effect, using deeper movements and stretching offers you a vigorous massage which will give new energy and positivity. Last, The AIR element represents breath, freshness, lightness and mental clarity. Chaotic thoughts, anxiousness and agitation limit correct breathing and produce tension in the whole body. The Aromatherapy massage for 25 minutes with its calming properties and a light enveloping massage will produce a deep sensation of wellness.

Contact Details

  • Kornarou 5, Athens, Greece


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